How We Built a Resilient, Observable, and Scalable Notification System

Empowering small engineering teams to deliver features faster and better by choosing the right architecture and tools.

Albert Law

11 May 2023

How To Create A Trillion Dollars On Uniswap

Getting reliable price feeds from decentralized exchanges is hard. Learn how to improve the resilience of pricing tokens from liquidity pools!

Chris Steege

08 Apr 2023

Parallel Indexing Of Blockchain Data With Substreams

The increasing popularity of blockchain technology has resulted in a vast amount of data being generated daily. Interpreting and indexing this data can take time, as it is often complex and slow due to the sheer volume of information.

Chris Steege

14 Feb 2023

BUIDL with Messari ft. Vincent Wen: How to Build Subgraphs

Episode 6 featuring Vincent Wen, Senior Software Engineer at Messari demonstrating how to build subgraphs.

Diran Li

30 Mar 2022

BUIDL With Messari ft. Adam Inoue: Making Sense of Data in Web3

Episode 5 featuring Adam Inoue, Senior Software Engineer at Messari discussing Adam's journey into crypto, making sense of data in Web3, and more.

Diran Li

18 Mar 2022

Messari DeFi Challenge

Your task, should you accept, is to compute the most profitable pool in a given period and output its profits.

Diran Li

18 Mar 2022

Messari Market Data Coding Challenge

Interested in a challenge? Here's a mini simulator which output thousands of trade transactions per second. Your task should you choose, is to process them efficiently and output the rolling result.

Adam Inoue

01 Mar 2022

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